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Concrete footings are the most important element of your building’s foundation as they provide the support.

Concrete Footings in Gainesville, GeorgiaThere would be little chance for even a smaller commercial building to stay standing strong for long if it didn’t have high-quality concrete footings. It takes experience to know the right placement, concrete composition, and installation process to get superior results that you can count on for your commercial or industrial structure. At Millennium Foundations, our name says it all in that we know you want to have every expectation that the buildings you erect will be around a millennium from now.

We have more than 30 years of industry experience with concrete footings and other concrete services, and our Director of Field Operations, Brad Garmon, received a degree in structural engineering from Southern Poly Tech. Brad will work closely with you to ensure that our concrete work is done to the highest level of quality. In addition to installing the concrete footings, we can go beyond that to keep your project moving forward. Don’t hesitate to ask us about retaining walls, foundation walls, detention and retention walls, and more.

Concrete footings are the most important element of your building’s foundation, as they provide the support to keep it from sinking. Since everything in position above the concrete footings would fail right along with them, it is critical to get it right. We have been involved in many large projects, making us your best choice for a hospital, apartment building, school, shopping center, or any other type of structure that you are planning. Reach out to us with any questions you might have about concrete footings or any of our other concrete services for residential, commercial, or industrial projects in the Gainesville, Georgia area.